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What is EPA EU?

The Emerging Payments Association EU A.S.B.L (EPA EU) is a non-profit association of payments industry influencers based in Luxembourg.

The purposes of the Association are to promote and defend the interests of its members and as well as the study of any issues concerning the payments industry in the European Union.

EPA EU builds on the international network of 150 members of our London-based sister organisation, the Emerging Payments Association (EPA), consisting of 150 members from across the payments value chain; including payments schemes, banks and issuers, merchant acquirers, PSPs, retailers, and more.

EPA EU seeks to achieve its objectives by organizing events, managing projects defending the interests of its members, publishing research documents and providing training.

Collectively, members of the EPA transact more than €6 trillion annually and employ more than 300,000 staff, meaning that we now have a significant influence over the industry’s future.

EPA EU builds on the international network of 150 members in our London-based sister organisation

150 member companies

Our projects

The EPA’s eight projects drive industry change to shape the future and present of the payments landscape for all stakeholders. Our projects bring together more than 80 high level volunteers from across the payments industry.

This valuable work would not be possible without our Project Benefactors, whose strategic and financial support enables the project team to deliver with high output and high influence: